Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red States, Blue States, Jaded States

In management you learn that alot of decisions are made before any jobs are posted, any meetings held, before any memos go out. I'm a manager and at times changing the system is antithetical to career advancement, so pick my battles. Enter the Politicians.

Before s/he is elected, most of the policy decisions have already been made. You can predict how much "change" the candidate will bring by looking at their major donors. Change is antithetical to funding next campaign, so they pick their battles; usually small ones that make good press, but don't challenge the system.

Winds of change many times comes from CEO's asses: more surveillance, more austerity, class warfare. When it rains it pours and every four years we vote for a new Weather Man. Dig?!

Thats why I like the Zeitgeist Movement; individuals free of religion, embracing technology and see class labels for what they are, a means to divide and conquer. With a mentality like that, voting is not looking sexy right about now.

All the angst and anger I had toward the Right; all the disappointment I have with the Left; leaves me with the notion of walking away from them both. That energy is better spent focusing on my business interests, family & friends. What makes me happy is election-proof.

There are some political activities that do appeal to me, one is total boycott and divestment in Israel. The Jewish State is this generation's Apartheid South Africa.

Going Green is something I'll work towards, not because of human induced global warming (don't agree with Gore), but going green because we can. There were electric cars in Henry Ford's time, guess oil had a stronger lobby.

"Net Neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time" to quote Senator Al Franken, I agree. If the ISPs get their way, independent media and other non-establishment content providers will become the UHF of the Internet.

I enjoyed being apart of history by helping to elect the first African American President. Just didn't know the Powers That Be were integrated long before the Whitehouse. They will fund a Martian if he pledges to keep the status quo. Mr. Barak Hussein Obama may be the last President I vote for, but if my political action is multiplied by others, this won't be the last time I make history.

photo caption - taken w/ iPhone 3GS and Hipstamatic app