Monday, January 31, 2011

Giant Steps

Found these bones deep in the earth. Had to dig through layers upon layers. Each collection, each strata was a lifetime unto itself. To those who heard these majestic creatures, it's must have been awe-inspiring.

Some of them flew, some stood as tall as trees, others swam the turbulent, political waves of their day, but each had a unique, ferocious sound.

Today its lions, tigers and bears, but back then even 'Bird roared. Seen as giants to primitive man, or even fallen angels, they walked beneath a racist sky.

Historians say it was a meteor, but it was definitely Rock that killed them. Once the stones started falling, so did those deities; for what is a god without worshippers.

The heavens grew colder and venues for the giants to forage became scarce. The food supplies ran out and they couldn't keep the bands together. Some tried to adapt, but it was too late. The curtain was closing on the Nephilim.

So finding their remains is auspicious. The fact is the ancients still speak, it's just that their voices are in analog.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soul Food

What can you take with you? I guess only what fits in the mind, but our memories have holes in them, so only really big things can be stored there.

The heart has some carrying capacity, but its hard to open without right feeling to retrieve the right item. Hashmarks or tags our feelings are. You need the right combination to open the lock.

Scars are a pocket most forget about, but it's pretty reliable as a carrying case. We have bought many a troublesome item from one life to the next in scars. They're sturdy, you always can find them when you need it, but they get a bit heavy after a while. Can slow you down.

The last place to store things is prayer. If you have people that love you back in the physical, my understanding is that prayer is a reliable way of acquiring things you forgot. Children, spouses and living parents will regularly send precious care packages straight to your door. Alas, after the grieving period ends, the packages become less frequent and for some souls, they stop altogether.

That's fine. You've been here awhile and it's time to release the priorlife and embrace the after. You don't need that much to get by around here anyway, all you need is you.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tunisia and Egypt p1

What's my motivation? Voluntary slavery with the hope of owning pieces? I take men and resources, advancing across the board. Hands - invisible corporate hands take comrades in and out of play. I watch people reduced to rooks and pawns giving me the illusion of progress. Tunisia, Egypt peeped the game and started moving on their own. Rejecting the players, the regimes.

So many in America and Europe are restless. The fast food and cable television aren't enough to dim the light of the mind anymore. Pieces are quietly moving on their own in the States. Calls for calm from the State Department may soon be read by Homeland Security. The pawns are getting restless. The rooks are meeting in coffeehouses, knights are moving money overseas.

The only winners are the pieces who don't play. The empty, invisible hands of the Market form a fist at first, then wring themselves before a fearless population. There are calls for calm on the chess board, but nobody is listening.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Iron and Water

Thought I was free. Unbraided heart strings and monthly cowrie shells... thought I was free.

This single, solitary life of mine has it's own baggage. Items men in my position must carry: iron and water. Iron is easy enough, but this liquid conversation is tricky. A language I must relearn after some forty summers.

Not that I'm complaining, but most my age are swimming with the fishes. Not carrying jars on their head. But, I have to remember mermaid speak - and quickly.

My voice sounds different under water, so I'm told. A sing-song quality I don't hear myself, but no matter. I wish to commune with a goddess. Such is my life on the river.

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Her pain was beautiful. Listening to each scar lured me - ever closer to a stormy passion.

The names were unfamiliar, the circumstances rare, but each tale of escape and loss fascinated. "If I knew as much about men then, as I do now, I would have ruled that campus!"

She was a pirate. A swashbuckler who wielded her womanhood. Taking over ships and stealing booty. Disappointment filled her sails, the black flag danced high in the sky.

Back and forth across the equator she rode. Looking sailors in the eye, before pushing them overboard with a kiss. It was well worth the swim back to shore.

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Tunisia Revolution

Tunisia keep walking. One martyr set a nation's feet on fire, purging a malingnacy in the government. But don't stop til all the cancer is gone. Don't be fooled into voting for placebos. Continue the treatment until a healthy body politic emerges. Keep walking Tunisia, keep marching.
Peace and blessings to Mohamed Bouazizi's family.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Metaphor

It's quiet out here in space. You don't so much "hear" as much as "feel" and there's little going on out here emotionally.

Sitting on one of the rocks that make up Saturn's rings is.. different. Not awesome, but a crazy bright reflection from planetside and a lot of rocks and dust.

The rocks only get pretty far away, like some people in your life. Up close they have faults, prejudice, petty territorial squabbles. At a distance they have genius, personality and wonderful memories.

My rock perch is full of holes from small collisions; like my face in an Earth mirror. But far away I too become devine, a seamless part of the cosmic whole.

At a distance, with the ego as a point on the horizon, God's presence feels closer than at any religious service. You can see that you are a part of what primitives called Spirit.

So don't be afraid if you're drifting like a rock in space, remember you're part of a beautiful sky. All your holes and imperfections make up a ring. You are a Saturday floating around a Sunday. That's an amazing weekend.

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