Wednesday, January 15, 2014

College Ninjas

Ever had to turn in a final paper at the last minute? Ever had to fight multiple people to the death, and break into a building in the process? No? Well this guy did! Watch as a college student risks everything, to save his GPA! Watch the academic life and death struggle of COLLEGE NINJAS!!!

- my son's movie. Watch out John Woo!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Damn!!! Famed Poet Nikki Giovanni Goes Off On 'Django Unchained,' 'The ...

The queen mother Nikki Giovanni basically explains why I don't watch certain "black" movies...


Pls hang in for about four minutes into the video...

LBJ TAPES: LBJ & J. Edgar Hoover Discuss The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ "He Tied A Stick Of Dyn...

DemocracyNow: Remembering Amiri Baraka Part 2

Remembering Amiri Baraka Part 2 Featuring Sonia Sanchez, Felipe Luciano, Larry Hamm, Komozi Woodard

Watch this online-only extended interview on the life and legacy of Amiri Baraka, the poet, playwright and political organizer who died Thursday at the age of 79. We talk to four of his friends and play some more of Amiri Baraka in his own words.

Watch Part 1 of this interview: Amiri Baraka (1934-2014): Poet-Playwright-Activist Who Shaped Revolutionary Politics, Black Culture - from

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SPUTNIK: Orbiting the world w/George Galloway - Ep 6

A week after the death of Nelson Mandela, George and Gayatri look at the influence of a living legend and icon, the boxer Mohammed Ali. With a major exhibition of photographs and memorabilia scheduled to take place in Parliament early next year, Dutch photographer Christina Jansen comes into the Sputnik studio to talk about her work, which celebrates the man, his life achievements in sport and his humanitarian causes.

In part 2, the show looks back on the economic year and goes a few rounds with RT’s very own Stacy Herbert from the Keiser Report. Has the year been a knock-out, or did the economy take a dive?

The gloves are off as George and Gayatri come out fighting in Sputnik: Orbiting the World with George Galloway.

McCarthyism Made Us Veer Away From a Systemic Doctrine for Change - Ralp...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Prayer for the Angels

Why am I walking past angels? Their wings are still, eyes locked on eternity. I wish I could help them, but the Damned have no business saving angels. Its my fault I'm walking through Hell and my hell has frozen over.

Arctic winds kill angels. I have no scripture, no faith to keep me warm. I stand on this platform shivering, feeling sorry for myself, then I noticed the angels.

I whispered prayer for them, which floats downward, along with all the others I said this season. When they pile up and cover the ground, they are shoveled away. That's alright. When the prayers melt, god will hear them, because god is under the ground, where it is warm.

poor birds taken with my iPad mini (1st gen) w/on board camera app

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Coffeehouses on Mars part 4

Avalanches on North Polar Scarps, Mars Feb 19 / NASA/JPL-Caltech/U of Az
\\ In the back of a coffeehouse, southeast of the city. The three engineers gather, after leaving Mr. Watson at the machine shop.

“I’m not giving up the warrior concept. Its too good of an idea. We got the broadcast method figured out. Those character designs are incredible. The soundscapes those hippies came up with are so immersive, its just… I feel like it would be a waste. We can repurpose this part of the application for our own... underground project.” Eric was passionate, didn’t seem like he was open to dissuasion.

Terry, a slim stoic programmer was cautious, Yeah, not arguing with you, just how you gonna explain not following orders of from the town hall?

“I'm not going to tell them. We’ll start our own club for people who want to live up their existence with this game overlay. We can build an alternate broadcast system, an encrypted signal for our members. We could add some other story arcs to cover all the mundane things we do. Instead of taking a shower in recycled water, we could be bathing a waterfall. Instead of riding these bland printed hoover-boards, we see ourselves on horseback. This could revolutionize the way we live. We are offering more choices. Live the lives we want to live.”

Ok, yeah. I get it. Who do we tell about this, just the three of us know now.

\\ A third engineer, quietly sipping his black coffee. Nods, then sips some more.

“What does that nod mean Malcolm? This is serious. Are you with us or should we look elsewhere?”

Malcolm holds up a finger requesting a chance to speak uninterrupted.

“Sure go right ahead..”

This is gonna work, Malcolm said confidently, quietly. Its gonna work. The demos were great, but we need buy-in for a large group of people or we’ll get shutdown when we're discovered. And trust me, we will get discovered. You gotta remember, the observatory at Planum Boreum. They’re always scanning different frequencies for signals from Earth or other planets. They’ll pick up our broadcasts eventually. Will take them awhile to decipher, but… if we have a large enough following, it will be integrated in the society, will become part of the norm.

“Well said, then we have a quorum. We’ll have to message our closet friends about this and see how best to organize the project. Of course we’ll have to continue to work with Watson or he’ll get suspicious.” Eric leaves the two engineers to finish their drinks.

Malcolm speaks up, You really surprised me Terry. You are always so thoughtful, not like you to join something this scandalous so quickly.

“Yeah, I know. I just want some excitement. We’re stuck here you know. We living underground on this rusty planet. Don’t have the tech to live on the surface, don't have enough fuel to leave. Need a powerful distraction.”

What happen to that little soylent technician you were dating? The one from district three.

“We… I’m not seeing her anymore.”

My man, you done rebounded from a relationship into a conspiracy. Well done, Terry, well done.

\\ The two just people-watch from the back of the coffeehouse a while…

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Street Musician + Violin + Looping Pedal = Awesome Video

Police State Too Much? Send in a Marine!

Coffeehouses on Mars part 3

Yellowknife Bay Formation on Mars Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

\\ Weeks of research yielded two character themes for the game project: wizards and warriors. The goal of the game is to achieve certain levels of mastery in their character class. These levels corresponded to the seven skill sets needed in the Works (tool making, soylent and water production). A series of badges, magic powers and weapons were awarded when the student mastered a skill.

\\ A tight knit group contributed labor to the project. Artists created graphics. Musicians wrote scores. Engineers tested image projection methods into the brain using sound waves. Writers worked on story arcs.

\\ Mr. Watson gave progress reports at the weekly town hall meetings. This particular week, a soft-spoken elder named Jennifer, interrupted Mr. Watson's address and asked for a debate on the merits of the warrior character in the game. He thought it would be dangerous for impressionable youths to imagine themselves as warriors in a peaceful culture.

Elder Watson was gracious "Mr. Jennifer, let me understand your concerns. We have no wars in real life and having a teenager fantasize about being a warrior may tempt him or her to create conflicts offline."

Precisely, Mr. Watson, precisely. Might we substitute the warrior for an explorer character instead? Think about this. This underground city of ours is slowly filling up. Another few years and we'll be living on top of one other. We need a new generation of explorers. We need other canyons located and fortified for the next cities on Mars. One day, when the technology is sufficient, we will live on the surface. Let's take advantage of your game to prepare their minds to become the next city founders.

\\ A noticible sigh escaped the lips of some mothers in the audience. They were dreading the already troublesome youths fancying themselves soldiers. What if they choose to print real weapons instead of machine parts? What if online fights spilled outside the game? An explorer character seemed a better idea. Folks repeatedly affirmed this alteration in the project.

"Then its settled. No warriors, just explorers. We'll make the changes right away!"

\\ The volunteers back at the machine shop were viewing Mr. Watson's personal live video stream. Mr. Jennifer's change sparked of small debate back at the machine shop.

He has a point, said one musician, the last thing we want in our peaceful culture is warriors with no wars to fight. If they started acting out outside of the game, they'll be worst off than they were before.

"You are talking about a game." replied a bearded engineer. "Look, its just a game. A game they can only place once a day for three hours. A game that is supposed use repeative tasks to teach the kids skills needed in the plants. It's not like the video games back on Earth where you just kill for points. If they are so weak minded that a game will alter their view of reality, then.. well.. I'm sorry. It's the parents' fault! Its just poor parenting."

The musician shrugs and sighs, That's the elephant in the room isn't it? We're trying to compensate for bad parenting with a game. That's really what this is all about. I agree with you. That being said, since we are creating a parenting aide, we can't make it a bad one. I'm Ok with the warrior character being replaced...

They didn't notice Mr. Watson entering the shop,"I see there's some disagreement with the decision of the town hall today?"

The bearded engineer spoke up, Sir, we just spend so much time on the warrior concept, we feel like all that work would go to waste. Also, can't there be a warrior without a war? What about a martial artist theme? I remember reading about a class of monks back on Earth...

"Young man, this is why you must come to the town hall meetings in person, so you can give air to these concerns amongst the other families. We will abide by the ruling on the people until such time as it changes. Are you amenable to that, Eric?"

\\ Eric the bearded engineer nodded in agreement and continued to work. In a few hours, he and the other volunteers started filing out of the shop one by one.