Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zeitgeist Opinion

Total Drag
I was listening to a weekly address* by Peter Joseph, producer of the Zeitgeist films and he depressed the fuck out of me. Why? Because he regurgitated the same problem analysis from his films, but when it came to elucidating the solutions, that shit was thin and dispassionate.

The conspiracy theorists exhibit this same behavior. I was a fan of Alex Jones, then fell off because his shit got repetative. I watched all the films about the Boheimian Grove, the Bilderberg Group, FEMA camps and of course the classic interview with Aaron Russo (RIP).

Again, alot of critique of the system by Jones and then ads for canned meat that lasts fifty years, shower head water purifiers... Sooo, the solution is the new world order is your sponsers?!

Thats when it donned on me, preachers, conspiracy theorists may start out with a love for the game, wanting to educate the people, but as soon as some bills or profits becomes part of the equation, the message and thinking submits to that gravity.

Now, I'm not saying the Zeitgeist Movement is like that, Hell, I haven't been to my first meeting. It's just that without as much time being spent on the solution in Peter's lectures and easy answer is a home water purifier.

Then Again...
Perhaps the answers lie with the local chapters. Maybe the answers shouldn't come from Joseph at all... if they did, it would be too easy for this movement to become a cult of personality. Maybe the bridge between Peter Joseph and Jacques Fresco is the people in the Zeitgeist movement.

A resource-based economy, which is the ultimate goal far as I can tell, of the the Zeitgeist movement seems alien. I mean like really, like little green men type alien. I'd be willing to bet my Loose Change DVD that visitors from other planets needed to get to that kind of social organization just to allow the creativity and innovation to evolve enough to develop interplanetary travel.

I'm so frustrated with the beligerent problem ananlysis that it drives me to find the answers on my own. I hope I make it to a Zeitgeist meeting soon, but if most of the time is spent fundraising and not finding solutions... well, God Bless, meet you at the circular city or the Rally to Restore Sanity, which ever comes first.


Photo: ZipCar I rent sometimes. Taken with onboard photo app in my iPhone 3Gs, edited with PS Express app.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elevator Conversations

There is a meditation I use from time to time; after centering myself with slow deliberate breathes, I imagine an elevator.

In this elevator I press the sub-basement button, then I feel the downward sensation of the car. At each floor, the doors open and a wise man or prophet gets on and we chat; Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, my Grandmother and so on.

On a good night, before I get to the bottom, I become so captivated by the conversations I lose track of time and my body.

During one meditation session, once I reached bottom, there was no elevator. I looked "down" and saw stars. I decided to go to one of the stars. I would move toward them and they seemed to move away from me. It was beautiful and frustrating. I had little awareness of my body, but felt the need to escape from it through one of these shiny portals.

I did escape eventually, but not this time. For now, I'm just moving through space chasing stars.
Photo: taken with iPhone 3Gs & Hipstamatic app (Lens: John S, Film: Pistil, no Flash)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Waiting.. Waiting is like being stuck in someone else's dream until they wake up. I've been waiting for myself to wake up for years now.

Sure, I go through the motions: work, fatherhood, friendships, but I don't really feel awake - only when I write. Only when I make love with words do I feel... really feel conscious.

There are moments though, like the one I'm waiting for right now, when I get epiphanies like Pop Rocks: when my children whisper secrets from a past life, when I help someone who can't repay me or when someone reminds me that I am sleeping.

photo: street corner in Alexandria, Va. iPhone 3GS w/ Hipstamatic app: John S/Ina's 1935