Friday, July 8, 2011


"That's not how we do things now." The future imposing it's will on me. "You are god. Repetition is the only inspiration that will lead to success. Trail and error is scripture, don't pray, do."

My notions of success are wrapped in ignorance. I build paper houses because I love the architecture. Would like to build them for a living. I also build paper airplanes that can fly in your ears, planting ideas. Again, not a professional pilot.

So this young wise man says I'm doing it all wrong, because I'm not doing consistently, just talking about it. He says the sun is setting and he won't be making up for my mistakes. He has work of his own. The only premembrance that he offers is to fail at it until I succeed. Such a hard lesson, when we live in a present full of instant everything. Nothing of signifigance, but even small instant gratification is a powerful drug.

So here I kneel, anointing my hands with the dirt of trail and error. I havent the faintest idea of what I'm doing, but doing and learning is all I have to pour into this soil.

Photo: A young writer, businessman, martial artist, world traveller taken with iPhone3GS, Hipstamatic app (Helga Viking, AO B&W)