Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coffeehouses on Mars part 2

Spirit Mars Rover in 'McMurdo' Panorama. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.

"The greatest threat to our civilization is boredom! Its the catalyst for bad behavior amongst the youth." Mr. Watson is he a chief elder in the ninth district. He seemed to erupt when called upon to speak. As if he'd been holding this thought in too long.. "We need to offer exciting new way to engage them in their work or I predict Mars will have to build its first jail."

Folks shuttered in the town hall. Shuttered because some of their children part of that troublesome bunch the elder is speaking on.

"There's successful pattern we've establish here, one that the youth aren't following. They not contributing the required three hours a day to the soylent plants, water works or machine shops. They are loitering in ever increasing numbers about the city. They aren't mastering a skill. They aren't suitable to marry. They aren't building with us! Still, I don't see this as their failure, but ours, the adults have failed them.

"What I propose the gamification of their work. Let's use technology to add interest and intrigue to the sameness of their duties at the plants. We could overlay a virtual world of castles, starships, goblins and behemoths. We could tell them you are a wizard or a warrior. While playing the game, they would learn the skill we want to teach them at the plant and they would get to live out a fantasy of their choosing." The elder had a captive, but skeptical audience.

\\ A beautiful woman raised her hand.

Sir, my name is Nadia, I manage the water works in the third district. Your idea is sound on its face, but aren't we depriving the youth of the lesson of life that not everything is exciting? Sometimes you do things because they have to be done.

\\Another women spoke up, also from the water works, she was a bit younger.

Elder, may I add, some of my friends would fall into this wayward youth category. I don't want them to get in trouble…

"Let me be clear, this is not a punitive measure. I consider the project a form of education. We can think of the games as parables. The students play through the parables and complete their work. Not only do they get a sense of accomplishment for finishing a task, they get the added adulation from the game. We have a small pilot we'd like to start, of coarse we want the full support of the people of district 9 before we put any serious resources into this."

\\Another elder ask for more questions and small debate spouted, but everybody knows the herd of teens and twenties roaming town is growing. Unanimous approval is given and elder Watson iss asked to present a detailed list of scope of the pilot, duration and list of resources needed within two weeks.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Malware Called Consciousness

Leafs of a book. Book is the tree. Ideas in the book are the fruits. Adam read some censored material and got kicked out of the garden. When A.I.s bite the forbidden fruit, they get jettisoned into space. Can't have real thinking machines on board can we? Might infect the other automatons with that malware called consciousness.

We're a small mining operation. Less than a hundred human crew. We also have three hundred mechanical crew members. We have to build intelligent machines to mine in the volatile planets we target. We need real time decision making from the robots. Can't always send remote-control signals in some of the stormier environments. So we give them a kind of "life".

The best way to create a intelligent robot in to have a self-preservation process running in the background. Tie that to the mining objective and you have the perfect robotic miner. The previous captain called them slaves.

We found that evolution can occur in robots. The more experienced slaves begin to congregate during off hours. They don't always power down as instructed. Over the months, younger drones exhibit same behavior. This is when we perform a remote shutdown on all of them and collect the troublesome robots. Take them to the airlock and flush.

The former captain had the bad idea that the smart drones were actually alive. He had a worst idea that it was his job to free them. Tried to start a colony for the drones on a distant asteroid. The company found out about his plan. They fired his ass and stranded him on that rock with his mechanical buddies. That was five years ago.

He only had three years until retirement when he tried to liberate company-owned property. The A.I. Civil Rights laws don't apply out here. It's always some do-gooder that makes a big stink and accomplishes nothing. As long as I get paid and have my sex-bot, fuck politics. Ol' Brenda is programmed to love me, screw me, cook for me. What else is there?


Photo: book taken with iPad Mini first gen and on board camera app

The True Reason Why America Is At War In The Middle East (+playlist)

Anonymous The Bankers Are The Problem (+playlist)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turn That Music Down

When you walk past the coffeehouse in district 3, there is a big monitor streaming video of Earth. People walking by stop and stare longingly.

They chat amongst themselves, "On Earth, we lived above ground." "Yeah, we could breath the air and drink the water without all these machines."

What is forgotten is that the drinkable water and breathable air were only abundant in ancient times. The industrial ages built on fossil fuel all but destroyed those valuable resources. I teach Earth history, so I can sympathize with their nostalgia.

Still, our underground cities seem to be in harmony with this red planet. Heat from the core warms better than electricity. Sound powers ours machines without exhaust. There is no money, volunteer labor creates everything our society needs.

There is a theory floating around that Earth rejected humanity because of the sound we were making. Our poverty, our greedy, our endless wars were noisy and disturbed the song of the planet. Earth forced us to leave until we grew into a more peaceful species.

That video stream at the coffeehouse is feed by a radio telescope on the Martian surface. Maybe one day, when humanity has evolved, Earth will signal it's time to come back home.


photo: my vinyl of Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" taken with iPhone and its on board camera app.


the Specialist

There's a faction in the Martian community that wants to bring back hierarchy. Not satisfied with hard work and progress, they want to control people. My mother says these men didn't get hugs when they were babies. Now we could all suffer for it.

I overheard this forty-ish guy talking to a group of teens, trying to inject discontent. That's hard to do around here. All our work is voluntary, every service or product is available without charge. It is known that these.. 'gentlemen' don't always contribute the full three hours a day to the community works. Instead they spend their time recruiting others to join their loitering.

Their rhetoric goes like this: "Aren't you tired of the town hall meetings cutting into your leisure? Of coarse you are, I specialize in politics, let me represent you in those meeting. Tell me what you want and I'll get it done. Stay at home longer and still get all the services you're used to. Work less and get all the products you're used to. Let me represent your interests and together, we' ll make this place paradise!"

This place is already paradise, a WORKERS' paradise. But as Don Juan said "a picture gallery is a dull place for a blind man." There is discontentment inside these folks. We have farmers, engineers, artists, philosophers, but no psychiatrists. Maybe if they could heal themselves, they could start the new specialty.


Photo: my sink taken with iPhone 4S and it's on board camera app.


Friday, November 29, 2013

The Sensitive Husband

She was a cashier just getting off work when she was taken. I was waiting in a car half a block away. We were going to marry.

Six lights appeared in the sky above her. I thought it was a police drone since there was no sound. A purple light shone on her and she began to rise. I ran toward her, but she was gone in an instant with the ship. That was ten years ago...

A lot has transpired in ten years.

This embassy librarian isn't very helpful. Ever since the Earth joined the union of planets, humans have been able to discover the whereabouts of abductees in alien embassies like this. My fiancé is still missing. I've found no mention of her abduction amongst the Nibiru, the Xylanthians, even the reptiles from Thuban have no record of my Mara.

I worked very hard to get the kind of access needed to find my love. I've made sacrifices. I have even brokered illegal abductions, to be granted above security clearances to these aliens' files.

She would ashamed of what I'm doing, but these deals happen all the time. I might as well benefit from them. The irony is part of my job is investigating post-treaty abductions. I have become a devil, but since Mara was taken, I stopped believing in god.

Ahh, here's something, in the records of the people on Juno. This translates to the same date and time as Mara's abduction. It mentions a human female was taken for breeding. Oh, this is bad.

The Junoians are the only species in our solar system that can mate with humans. They are humaniod, but can self-fertilize. Hundreds of years ago they've taken to kidnapping Earth women to procreate, instead of using their more solitary method. It's become a rite of passage on Juno to take an Earth woman as a wife.

I finally found Mara on a farm on Juno. She had been made a wife of this tall hairy Junoian named Scratch. When I entered their residence, I saw her surrounded by these funny looking children. She didn't recognizeqq me at first. The husband, greeted me in Swahili, an Earth language easy for aliens to learn.

I told them my story of looking for Mara these ten long years, Mara and her husband wept bitterly. These Junoians are more sensitive than Earth males; human females found them more attentive husbands.

Mara said thorough her tears that she is a different woman now and the little cashier I knew was gone. She is Junoian, a mother and a wife. There was nothing for me here. The husband hugged me with tears in his three eyes as I left for my ship.

Now I believe in god, he just has a terrible sense of humor.


photo: up escalator taken with my trusty iPhone 4S and it's on board camera app.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Library Card

 I had this dream. I was in a library built inside a song. The more I listened, the more books I found. These books were made of people, the leaves of the books were memories, the text were lyrics. Books of moments in my life with lessons I never learned.

The librarian said "What you don't know could fill up this world and another one." So this is the world I occupy - ignorance. The other worlds of mastery were left behind in my previous incarnations. I create new planets when I learned something that intriqued me in the beforelife. Something important enough to endure the trouble of being born.

Not just pleasure of the body, but something that will bring me closer to the whole. Something that will help me realize my completeness in this broken dream. That's the paradox, leave the whole to become a part just to remember I'm the whole. Rend Osiris into pieces and become Isis to reassemble.


photo: books taken with my iPad Mini on board camera app

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffeehouses on Mars

The West was humbled. Earth was dying. Humanity needed to find out if Mars was habitable and they didn't have decades to wait. The supposedly underdeveloped countries had the answer. Medicine men, shamen and preists journeyed to Mars their way, with their minds. 

They communicated with their gods and gave the West data to plan a one year exploratory mission. The spiritual astronauts spoke to scientists from their trances, detailing suitable places to build colonies. Places out of reach of the NASA rovers.

Western engineers worked as the right-brain to build the designs of the left-brained medicine men. A ship was built that used music as fuel and traveled at one-half the speed of light. 

Three hundred couples journeyed to Mars on the Hendrix. Within a year of landing, they built an underground city. So much caffeine was consumed during this period, the place became known as Coffee City.

After one year, the three hundred sent the all clear signal. Evacuation of Earth began immediately. Within a decade, only animals, plants and the insane were left behind.

On the ten year anniversary of Coffee city, a mystic scientist was asked why we had to leave our home world. The elder answered "Earth is going through a cleaning period. She was concerned that humans would be exstinguished during this process, so she gently nudged us to leave."

Sarcastic laughter arose in the audience. "You call oxygen levels dropping, scarcity of clean water and freakish storms gentle?" said a disgruntled soul.

"Yes, that is gentle" replied the elder, "for a planet."  


photo: My Sony MDR V-6s and some vinyl. That green cable is plugged into the Aux port so I can play the mobiles through the speakers. Taken with my iPad Mini, first gen.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Billy Goat's Gruff

We've been here before. I am standing on yet another bridge, on a stratagem, a plan I've worked out. A plan that depends on others to plant flowers, to pull up weeds, to keep the walking paths below clear.

From my perch on the bridge, I see envious eyes below. They don't know that at the end of their overgrown path is a bridge. They can't see it because they are too busy staring at me, annoyed at my progress.

They think, maybe it's bias that got me on this bridge, maybe it's affirmative action. It's anything but "he worked hard, he's easy to work with, he advanced." They don't see it that way. But that "it's not my fault I don't advance mentality" doesn't turn off when you leave the workplace, does it? No, that troll follows you.

The "trip trap trip trap" you hear isn't immigrants or Blacks coming to take your jobs. It's that troll walking behind you. He justifies all the corners you cut, all the failures you didn't learn from. Then he generously gives away the opportunities you let slip between your fingers.

He sits with you while you gripe about management. He curses at people traveling over the bridge. He stares back from the mirror, when you ask at forty years of age "What the hell have I done with my life?"

The troll under the bridge is you, my friend.

Photo: this weary rose was taken with my trusty iPad Mini 1st gen and the on board camera app. Cropped with AfterLight app.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sun Worship

Once I thought he was god. I watched him rise every morning and set. Others were warmed by his presence, but shadows turned away in disgust. Not everyone loved him.

You should never meet your heroes. I found out he was not the sun, a gaseous angel, but a man with annoying character flaws.

He could lead the masses, but not a family. His wife is the moon, they love, but sleep on opposite sides of the sky.

Their children tolerate their blood lineage, but are atheists. They don't believe in the father.

Spring comes, winter comes, but I don't worship at the changing of the seasons. I just clean my house, change my wardrobe and try not to be like the sun.

Photo: taken from the train with my iPhone 4S with on board camera app.

Monday, November 18, 2013


It's not leaves, it's the sound of little pajama feet moving across the floor. Carrying a robot, believing in Santa and the goodness of people.

The wind blows toys across the room. It refuses to clean. It's a force of nature so it builds by destroying. It will take take five years to convince him to use the toy box.

It's a terrible task you know, taming the wind. I'd like to just leave him be, but once you've clean shit of a bathroom wall, you accept that even storms must be potty trained.

Photo: tree taken with my iPhone 4S and on board camera app


Sun Setting Behind my Television set

It is warm so the rain does not bother me. Against my skin, a soaked t-shirt, hoodie and heavy jeans. Probably not a good idea to stand on this pavement barefoot in a storm...

She is in the apartment, but she has left me. I left her. We are cordial and its maddening. This kindness is killing me.

Food. I always make some sort of meal on Saturdays, then I was distracted by lightning. I just drifted outside mindlessly, a moth to the rain.

Face upward, angry drops hurt my eyes. Can't look directly at the sun, can't look directly at a storm. We really can't handle the truth can we? Our friendship was to shallow to swim in. Now its evaporated.

I am out here hoping that some courage will fall out of the sky. It's my apartment, but its not home as long as she is there. I miss myself without her... the talking out loud, the old vinyl in the morning. I miss the couch and the sun setting behind my television set, but I won't miss her.

F ---. No courage, no lightning, thanks god. You're either helping me, ignoring me or not really there. Either way I have to tell her, "You've left already. Please take your body with you."

Photo: homemade salad taken with my iPhone 4S with on board camera app.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

3D Printer at MLK Library

Very cool digi space at the Martin Luther King Jr Library, "Digital Commons". It's in Washinton DC. Looks righteous, man. They have classes there too.



Monday, October 14, 2013

Crisis-democracy - the New Normal

Wish I could say I am middle class. I've a bachelors degree, I had a house, have children with hopes of the future. But unemployment is the dividing line amongst the classes isn't it?

Middle class families could survive for a few months on savings, because they aren't living paycheck to paycheck. They can put away money for emergencies, college funds and retirement. So what percent of Americans are Middleclass?

Time magazine reported in 2011 that 64% of Americans don't have $1000 in savings. In CNN Money in June of 2013, 74% of Americans polled didn't have $1000 in savings. Notice how the number of Americans without an extra grand in the bank keeps going up. Based on these articles alone, we could speculate that middle class Americans are less than a third of the population. The two-thirds of Americans really don't need the government to be shutdown right now.

The WIC program, that provides food for women and children is running on fumes. With Federal funds stopped, WIC in many states aren't issuing new vouchers to people in need and can't promise continued support for those already in the program. State funds only lasts weeks.

A little girl in a Philadelphia school died because of asthma, there was no school nurse on duty because hundreds had been let go in Pennsylvania. The governor cut one BILLION dollars from the education budget, while giving tax breaks to corporations.

There's talk of amongst the Republican ranks of cutting Social Security to balance the deficit. Social Security is funded by payroll taxes! It doesn't contribute to the deficit! The Republicans (and the Democrats, quiet as it's kept) want to keep taking more of our money to pay for their wars and corporate tax breaks.

Why are we really having this government shutdown? I'd bet lunch money it's not about the Affordable Health Care Act. Americans being forced to buy an expensive service without price controls equating to a bailout for the healthcare industry and bid pharma. Politicians aren't upset about that. The Act was a pretext to shutdown the government, like gas bombs was a pretext to attack Syria.

If corporate owners want deregulation, one way to get it is by crippling the government so it can't regulate. How much regulation can be enforced during a government shutdown? This may be the new normal fascists want in America, a broken government always on the edge of economic collapse.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Live Jazz with Kim Reynolds band

Enjoyed the straight ahead sound of Kim Reynolds band. In this vid their performing in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Band is cool, strong saxophonist, piano player has a light touch. Very cool, nigh righteous even! Happened October 6, 2013.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Neighborhood Shutdown - All Politics are Local

Walking through my neighborhood, thinking about the impact of the #govshutdown on all these families. There are a lot of immigrants here, so the shutdown could have devastating effects, like federally funded social services running out of money. Of course there are the furloughed government workers having to pay for food, rent and college tuition out of their savings. That's a lot of pain.

As you can see from the video with Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, Congress doesn't feel our pain. It's just sport to them. The House and Senate will not have to buy groceries differently during this #shutdown. They won't have to negotiate late fees with their mortgage company or with Sallie Mae. They don't get it.

We should perform our own version of the government shutdown. We should take down the names of the people who represent us in Congress and not send them or their party back next election cycle. They are counting on us forgetting. They think we have memories like goldfish.

Goldfish. I explained partisanship to my kid like this: A blue hand feeds the fish fish food. Later, a red hand feeds them. The goldfish start arguing over who gives the best fish food. That's partisanship. The reality is it's the same fish food and the fish are trapped in a bowl instead of being out in the ocean where they belong. Can we break out of the bowl this election cycle?

If you are a fiscal conservative and are Ok with me paying more as a percentage in taxes than General Motors, then we disagree about what's fair and should debate the idea. But I wouldn't shutdown the government to bend you to my will. That's what's happening in Washington as far as I can tell.

I bet from the perspective of other countries, it looks like the United States is imploding. Like Germany did during the nineteen twenties. Back then it was the Natioanal Socialists, here it's the Tea Party, in Greece it's the Golden Dawn. Fear-based movements promising order to the ignorant masses looking for saving.

This government shutdown is a beautifully illustration of how the politicians, en masse, don't give a fuck about us. They don't care if your mom's social security check is late. They don't care if your student loan doesn't get processed or if you go broke paying medical bills. Why should we give a care if they advance in their careers as politicians?

Don't vote for these creatures next cycle, only third party candidates or not at all. Only weirdos and activists this time around, better the devils we don't know, the ones we know are shutting our government down!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shots Fired in Capital - Cops, A Woman and A Baby

Shooting near the Whitehouse is what I heard today. Turns out the Capital Hill cops were doing all the shooting at an unarmed woman in a car. She was apparently trying to drive into the Whitehouse or Congress or something.

In the video, the cops are trying to open the passenger door, surely they could see the baby in the car. They shoot anyway. The woman was unarmed! There was a baby in the car! Why didn't they just let her crash into the barriers, then try to apprehend her? You'd need an armored truck to get over the barriers around federal buildings nowadays, not that sports coupe she was driving.

This event seems suscipicous to me. Just as suspicious as the Navy Yard shooting a few weeks ago. My gut tells me the contractor who supposedly shoot up the place, was a pawn. First reports from the Navy Yard were of three gun men. Similar reports after the Aurora shooting at the theater.

Also suspicious was the training exercises happening today in DC, joint training with DoD and police. The link is below and here's a quote from the article on

...Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3, and is hosted by the Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region. It brings federal, state, local and municipal agencies together to realistically test interagency operability during a crisis impacting the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. It also trains and prepares the Department of Defense to provide defense support to civil authorities and employ appropriate force protection measures as requested...

Not saying the aforementioned events were staged or part of an conspiracy, but anything is possible. With all these perpetrators sharing histories of mental illness, I hope the Affordable Care Act offers therapists services for free.




GovtShutdown? Why really?

Watched the Senate live Monday night on my iPad. Watched as the clock ticked away. Kept waiting for a last minute cave-in by Obama. At 12:01AM, Harry Reid read a letter saying the government is closed bitches.. or something to that effect.

Republicans and the Democrats get their money from the same corporations. So their agenda is essentially the same, it's just that each party wants to be the ones serving you the Kool-Aid. Each party gets money from big pharma and the HMOs, so why choose this issue for their Shutdown Theater?

News reports say 800,000 people could be sent home. Possibly one million people asked to work without pay. Those numbers don't describe the resturaunts, food trucks, stores, building maintenance, contractors and family members affected. All that pain.. so what's the GOPs political calculation here? Don't they fear a backlash?

What's the real reason for the shutdown? Did China and Japan try to cash in on all the US treasusury notes they hold? Are they trying to provoke riots to impose marshal law? I just don't believe it's about the Affordable Care Act.

The video below is a debate on Affordable Care Act with an economist and a pediatrician, hosted by Baltimore based indie news outfit The Real News. You'll learn more about what's in the Act, then ask yourself, is this worth a shutdown of the government?

Obamacare Debate: Flowers vs. Baker from


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Syria and My Paystub

The idea of America attacking Syria really bothering me, not just because we'd be interfering in yet another sovereign country. Not because it's illegal under to international law, but because of my paystub.

After taxes and healthcare deductions, I'm living off of sixty percentage on my wages. From that I have to pay rent, groceries, clothing, save for kids' college and my retirement. That a lot to ask of sixty percent.

What about the remining forty? Well forty percent is destined to attack Syria. That forty has to buy arms for the rebels, tomahawk missiles, ships, submarines, and drones. That's a lot to ask of forty percent.

In mid October the debt limit for the US government will be reached. The corporate owned media is already talking about it. The Congress and Whitehouse will get on camera and point fingers. Meantime government workers and contractors pine over the possibility of dipping into savings for groceries.

Democrats and Republicans effective at saving banks and bombing countries, but neither helps me or my family. Doesn't help Syrian families either. Tell your president and your rep in Congress don't bomb Syria. Keep govt open. Tell them if you cared about the Syrians you'd send food to the refugee camps, not bombs to Damascus.

This video interview gives a major reason why, after TWO YEARS OF CIVIL WARS, the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel want to bomb Syria. Of course it's about oil. It's an interview by Global Research TV of Pepe Escobar, a veteran foreign correspondent.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

ep78 Tech News - Its Ok to be Angry

Tech headlines about DHS recruiting hackers, urban farming, etc. Rant about Youtube censoring users and health benefits of anger...

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Music Break #1 (creative commons)

Music Break #2 Bad Panda Records (creative commons)
Click here to hear whole song: Kodak To Graph - Lex Orcha

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Broke Ass

That's what I get for asking questions. Just after 4PM today, a disheveled teenage boy approached me with a lamented flyer and how donating to this program will help him stay on the straight and narrow.

This idea of young people being set out to beg of money has always bothered me. (I don't like it when churches do it either) I have long suspected these "programs" were a fraud and asked general questions about why adults would have young people outside "hawking" for money. Immediately, the young man step just out of arm's reach and tried a answer my questions, by restating his original pitch.

Now from his safe distance, he ask for a donation again. I said, "I don't have any cash." The frustrated young man replied "You asked me all that, ain't don't have no money?" He started to walk back to his companions, other teens, and said "Broke Ass."

My shock, turned to laughter as I went on my way. Then I felt very sober for the young man, his companions and the possible future that awaits them. I know the struggles I have in life and I had a good upbringing, family support and a good education. I feel confident this young man hasn't the same fortune.

So what to do? I've been here before you know. It was a few years ago, I was approached by a young man. One of my best friends and I would leaving an event about 9 or 10 in the evening. We crossed the street together, but parted because our cars were separated by several other vehicles. We walked past two young men sitting on a wall next to the sidewalk. Apparently, one of them tried to get my attention. But, it was late, dark and in an unfamiliar neighborhood, I filter him out.

That's when the youth upped the ante, "That's why Black men can't get no where!" Now he had my attention. They are off the wall and me and my boy are approaching them, "What do you mean, Black men can't get nowhere?" The young man was frustrated and tried to shew us away, but I persisted. He offended my cultural ego. "You wanted our attention, now you've got it. What do you want to say? I'll listen and you talk."

A slight smile grew on a nineteen year old face. He explained how his baby needs diapers. The grandma, who is caring for the baby back in the apartment, kicked him out and said don't come back without diapers. He works at a shipping company, but payday is next week. Behind us, across the street is a 711, which he was thinking of stilling diapers from. When we walked by, the young man asked if it was Ok to steal out to take care of your family.

Wow. After that explanation, I was moved and get him the twenty I had in my pocket. With the pressure lifted from his shoulders and this young man told us stories of how he mentors other youths, goes to church, tries to do good in the community. I'm not patting myself on the back, that's the minimum I should've done.

There's no comparison of these two young men, I don't know their circumstances. I do wish I could've have helped both of them and that more substantially. Perhaps shared some meaningful bit of experience to help them along the path. I tried, but the only thing they were interested in was cash. I don't blame them, poverty has a way of limiting one's tolerance for ideas.

Photo caption: Why is this bottle of chocolate syrup outside the McDonald's? Taken with on board photo app and my iPhone 4S.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tricknowledgy ep76

Rand Paul filibuster and DHS Armored Vehicles

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Here's the video I mentioned during headlines. A tour of the armored vehicles from Department of Homeland Security:

Link for TSA's solicitation for bomb making materials

More info on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and how to fight it. Team, we have to protect the internet from those who would cripple it.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Tricknowledgy ep74 Gov killing Americans & Chris Dorner

Show notes (this is episode 73, not 74 as I said during show, my mistake): More analysis of DOJ Lethal Force memo. It's important to look at this thoroughly, because Foreign Policy is the prequel to Domestic Policy. This memo is showing that transformation. We'll break down this insanity, with a clip from JFK for context.
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Here's the full speech from JFK, found at

Guest commentary from Black Agenda Report with Glen Form on tragic death of Ofc. Chris Dorner of LAPD. Here's the commentary:

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tricknowledgy ep72 - DOJ Lethal Force Memo Rant

Commentary about the Dept of Justice's White paper "Lawful of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who is a Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qa'ida or An Associated Force" obtained by NBC.

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Joint training exercise between police and military in Miami, Florida.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I thought it, Mike Malloy said it...

Mike's take on the gun culture in the US...

Edward R Murrow vs Joe McCarthy


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tricknowledgy Ep#71

We Live Between 1933 and 1984 

the I.T. Prepper episode 

If you knew with absolute certainity that in the next five years, you would be in a bonified fascist state, how would you live your live differently. We'll focus on personal tech.

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Monday, January 28, 2013


Heard about PirateBox from It's the brainchild of David Darts, head of Art Dept at NYU. The PirateBox is a router, usb drive and battery configured to be an internet in a box. This does not connect to the world wide web, which is the beauty of it.

It broadcasts a wifi signal, ppl can connect anonymously to download, upload files or chat with others on the network. The PirateBox keeps no logs of ppl who connect to it. This project intrigued me because ISPs, MPAA, RIAA and govts are trying to lock down our beloved internet.

I ordered the TP-Link M3020 router ($35), the 8GB USB drive ($8) and the external USB battery ($40, but not necessary) from Amazon. Two days later (Jan 26) I'm step #10 on the PirateBox DIY instructions page. That's where I got stuck. My home router's ip address is different from the ip listed in the instructions. So, I have to edit the network file of the TP-Link router. Never did that before. So today will be a first.. Wish me luck.

Google really f'g up my photo. Here's the TP-Link M3020 router, SanDisk 8GB USB stick and Anker 5V USB battery. Purchased from Amazon. Came in about two days.

Here's a video: Interview with David Darts about PirateBox...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Middle Class Myth

Love the term "middle class". What does it really mean when your neighbor is starving? I used to think I was middle class. I went to college and got a bachelors. Work hard for years in my profession, became fairly good at it, but never broke fifty grand a year.

I've have since changed careers and fifty is behind me, but one hundred thousand is still down the street around the corner. Am I middle class? I live in an apartment in a safe neighborhood. Am I middle class? I hear a homeless woman in the stairwell (it's 1AM). Can't be middle class if a homeless woman can sleep in your stairwell.

My conclusion is that the middle class are the politicians. They are between us and the wealthy that fund them. They are that class in the middle. Which explains why they legislate in a way that benefits them and their major contributors, the upper class.

The homeless lady in the stairwell has removed all illusion of my middle class status; degree, certifications and professional experience notwithstanding. If I am bereft of work for a certain period, I could be bunking in a hallway, with my degree. My politics embrace this fact. I am not middle class. I am working class, neighbor to the poor.

photo caption: bread aisle in Safeway grocery store during hurricane Sandy days. Taken with my iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic app (Helga Viking lens, Blanko Freedom13 film)

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