Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coffeehouse on Mars part 5

"Are you going with us to the surface Saturday?"

\\ Tommy looked indecisive, but his girlfriend Mara nudged him to say yes.

Yeah, sure we'll go.

\\ a group of six teenagers, couples conspire to hang out on a Saturday morning on the surface of Mars. Taking to the surface without a medical droid is unlawful.

Thaddeus was the ringleader of the group, "if we can time it right, we'll be able to see the Earth through our telescope."

Yeah, but don't you have to be at the machine shop Saturday morning? Ol' man Watson is gonna notice you're AWOL.

"It's volunteer, Tommy. Vol-lun-teer, that's what everybody forgets. I don't have to do nothing. Volunteer isn't mandatory."

Jeremy, the third boy in the group blurted out, "it's not really mandatory if everybody is doing it. Everybody has been under this system for couple hundred years, really since we migrated from earth. So technically it's volunteer, but really my dude. You gonna get in trouble with Mr. Watson if you miss Saturday. Why don't we hang out Monday after...

"It's voluntary. That's the rule."

Yeah, Ok. It's voluntary, Tommy broke in, but if everybody stopped we'd be screwed.

The girls, started looking at each other and nodding.

Jeremy noticed this. Bruh, I don't want you to get in trouble, especially with Watson. He's the guy spearheading that program, that gaming program. Trying to motivate more kids to do their hours.

"That will never fly. If I don't want work on a particular day, then why should I? My machines don't need repair. I don't even like robotics, I like art. There's no are program for art. You have to do that on your own. I just work because there nothing else to do around this rusty rock. So naw, I'm not going to the machine shop Saturday. When there's a art factory, I'll be there every day!"

\\ Twilight on the Martian surface, here is what the kids see...

A gorgeous sight for Curiosity’s eyes – Venus, Earth, Phobos and Deimos in morning twilight on August 31. Foreground image shows the Opportunity rover’s solar panels. Sorry, I don’t have Curiosity in my software yet! - See more at: