Friday, September 28, 2012

Is There Rest for the Weary Voter?

People were exhausted. By the time Barak Hussien Obama was sworn in as President back in 2008, people were exhausted. The Black and Brown countries, former subjects of the colonel powers were exhausted. White liberals and activists from the sixties were exhausted. The Middle Eastern countries who play their extremists against the West were exhausted. Everybody thought this Black man would set the largest military power in the world on the road to peace.

We were all wrong. Is there no rest for the weary?

The "union" and "confederate" media in the United states hides alot of what the Obama Administration is doing because they benefit from the lie that there is a two political parties system in America. But on the major questions of Civil Rights (liberties), invasions of other countries in the name of national defense and tax policy, the two parties behave the same way.

A republican president makes the Patriot Act law. A democratic president extends it. Same with wars in the Middle East, same with the Bush tax cuts. And this is a wonderdul thing. Because it reminds us of a critical truth about democratic republics. Voting doesn't make major shifts in policies, social movements do.

While Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years, there were elections, but not democracy. When the 'Arab Spring' occured, thousand of people in the streets with peacful will to change the regieme, that was democracy.

Am I the only one who fears we live under a ditatorship of "two" parties? We should all be thinking of where we were during Occupy movements last year. Where were you during the hispanic student uprisings two years ago? Where you or your parents during the Civil Rights movement? It's these events in democracies that keep it healthy and honest. These actions in a democratic republic (which the US is) gives voting meaning.

Don't join a party, join a movement... (just make sure your movement doesn't have corporate sponsers. Then your'e just a patsy for the oligarhs. Hince the photo.)

photo caption: tea bag floating in mug. Taken with iPhone 4S w/on board photo app.