Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chitterling Reefs

This ark I was building for my ambition and to save my family was threatened by this hog. She kept kicking up mud and making my work place disorderly. I decided to kill the pig.

One problem, my co-workers fancied her and would have no parts of it. The pig would slip through my hands, idle were they, offering no assistance. They would even condemn my actions as rash and insensitive.

More mud on my shoes. The pig is dancing and my team looks the other way. PETA members all. I guess one pig doesn't stop a ship from sailing.

One day, I got some mud in my mouth. My frustration with pork and my team set my mind on fire. My attempt at ending the pigs life starts to alienate not only my team, but the crew as well. I feel like the pig.

One morning, in the mirror, I saw an Engineer who spent his time chasing livestock instead of building ships. I knew then I had lost my direction and was crashing on chitterling reefs. Picking up my tools, I began to work on the ship.

One afternoon, while resting in the boiler room, my lunch fell from my lap to the floor. I woke up to find a trail of crumbs where a hoagie been. I took out a piece of cake and felt the heavy eyelids again, a cold furnace got the cake and the crumbs I gathered from the floor. Thoughts of a clean ship comforted my sleepy mind.

A wonderful smell of protein woke me. I went to the ships kitchen to compliment the chief, but no one was there. I asked my colleagues who had ordered food. "None" they said. Curious, I asked how was the furnace working? They told me, they quietly turned it on an hour ago, tipping over my sleeping body. Maybe the smell came from there.

We all ran down below. Through the door we could see my foil wrapped lunch in a charred hog's mouth. She must have snuck in there after my food while I slept. I didn't feel bad since my colleague started the fire.

Alls well that ends well.

Photo taken with iPhone 3GS, edited in PS Mobile