Monday, December 13, 2010

The Commute

This cold wet suit, this nightmare of questions. How will I do? Will I remember the signals? Will I hear my guide clearly through this clay?

But I sat long enough in the sun. I've feasted on colors unknown in this dark world. I've heard universal intent like a bass in my chest. I have tasted all knowingness. Now I must go back.

Vertigo, spinning on this flesh wheel as the body develops. My thoughts go inward, I kick myself. Had to be done though, some things must be lived to be understood.

The time is near... Time? What a ridiculous concept, such a distraction from the happenings around you. Maybe I can ignore it this.. time.

Ok, remember the landmarks, will feel like Deja Vu. Remember my classmates, will be my friends. Remember my teachers, I will hate them. Oh yeah, must remember to cry, I hate being spanked on the ass...

photo: Metro platform subway. Taken w/ iPhone 3Gs Hipstamatic app (Melodie, Ina's 1969)