Monday, January 31, 2011

Giant Steps

Found these bones deep in the earth. Had to dig through layers upon layers. Each collection, each strata was a lifetime unto itself. To those who heard these majestic creatures, it's must have been awe-inspiring.

Some of them flew, some stood as tall as trees, others swam the turbulent, political waves of their day, but each had a unique, ferocious sound.

Today its lions, tigers and bears, but back then even 'Bird roared. Seen as giants to primitive man, or even fallen angels, they walked beneath a racist sky.

Historians say it was a meteor, but it was definitely Rock that killed them. Once the stones started falling, so did those deities; for what is a god without worshippers.

The heavens grew colder and venues for the giants to forage became scarce. The food supplies ran out and they couldn't keep the bands together. Some tried to adapt, but it was too late. The curtain was closing on the Nephilim.

So finding their remains is auspicious. The fact is the ancients still speak, it's just that their voices are in analog.

Photo: Some of my vinyl collection, taken w/ my iPhone 3GS, Hipstamatic app (Jon S, Alfred Infrared, Cadet Blue Gel) ,