Sunday, September 25, 2011

Democrat or Obamacan?

My children were surprised when I told them how much I love this country. They, like some conservatives that see things in black & white terms, confuse a detailed critique with being unpatriotic. A common mistake. Fact is, I love this country and want to see it and me prosper, so changes must be made. Can't make changes unless you point them out. Which brings me to Mr. Obama.

Just because I criticize our president doesn't mean I am anti-Democrat or anti-Obama. I am pro-policy. I am pro-education funding, pro-military spending cuts, pro-universal heart care (european-style). If Obama doesn't fight for these policies then HE is out of step with democratic-liberal ideals not I. We should call him on it on vote accordingly. Let us not redefine what it means to be a Democrat based on Mr. Obama, rather let's give him the incentive to realign with the base that brung him.

photo: MacBook Pro taken with iPhone 4GS, Hipstamatic app (Salvador 84, Ina's 1935)