Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy People

There's a quote attributed to Obama that says in hard times certain people cling to their guns and religion. Conservatives were pissed because the shoe fits so snuggly. But, any honest person knows that Americans, especially the uneducated and poor do just that. It's such common knowledge that manipulation of that flaw is baked into most right-wing campaign strategy.

Well, times are getting tougher for all Americans. The unemployed are growing in number. The employed are they're playing musical chairs with their co-workers. Stress Baby, and lots of it. But far less "Liberals" have guns or religion to fall back on...

Out of this darkness springs a faith in people. Not persons wholly corrupted by capital, but neighbors and friends who are in the pot with you. People can be so much better than their institutions. The non-violent, desegregated Bonus Army of the 1930's, the Civil Rights movements of the 40s, 50s and 60s, the Occupy movement now, show people will resist malevolence in social systems after a while. History also shows these imbalances receive a correction.

In this time of crisis, I'm clinging to my belief in myself, my family, friends and people who don't want to sell out long term communal good for short term personal gain. We need a new system of politics. Something akin to a direct democracy with a well educated body politic. Until then occupy where you can.

photo: taken with iPhone 3Gs, LoMob app