Saturday, July 7, 2012

Internet Exorcist

Chi Logger is malware that captures your keystrokes when you type and it remembers all your activities online. After some time, a profile is created and an open-source AI attached. Now, here’s where is gets scary. This virtual you comes alive duplicating all your behaviors online. This includes calling friends, online purchases and responding to your emails.
It's only when a client and this daemon cross paths by calling the same person or by the client checking credit card statements is the presence of the entity realized.
These daemons are children of the net; as such they store copies of themselves everywhere. Retail anti-malware products aren't capable of handling this kind of entity; you need a special kind of hacker - an exorcist.
One of our clients was a retired official from Department of Homeland Security. A daemon had been born and was surfing all the porn he used to, but was using his public login credentials, instead of the anonymous govt credentials he used while employed. Everything is logged on EchoNet, so DHS contacted him.
We took his case, after we confirm that he no longer surfed for free pornography, which is illegal. He had 13 terabytes of the stuff  on local storage, which is also illegal.
We tricked the daemon with a fake nude volley website. It downloaded pictures which had code in the headers triggering a suicide (or deletion) routine. After some weeks, the removal of the entity from the net was confirmed.
Our investigation revealed a possible link between creation of this daemon and the conviction of a member of Anonymous, the hacker activist group. We choose to withhold that information from the client.

photo credit: laptop on glass table, above photos. Taken with my iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic app (Jane lens, Pistil Film, Jolly Rainbo 2x Flash)
copyright 2012 Johnathan Clifton Harding