Monday, January 28, 2013


Heard about PirateBox from It's the brainchild of David Darts, head of Art Dept at NYU. The PirateBox is a router, usb drive and battery configured to be an internet in a box. This does not connect to the world wide web, which is the beauty of it.

It broadcasts a wifi signal, ppl can connect anonymously to download, upload files or chat with others on the network. The PirateBox keeps no logs of ppl who connect to it. This project intrigued me because ISPs, MPAA, RIAA and govts are trying to lock down our beloved internet.

I ordered the TP-Link M3020 router ($35), the 8GB USB drive ($8) and the external USB battery ($40, but not necessary) from Amazon. Two days later (Jan 26) I'm step #10 on the PirateBox DIY instructions page. That's where I got stuck. My home router's ip address is different from the ip listed in the instructions. So, I have to edit the network file of the TP-Link router. Never did that before. So today will be a first.. Wish me luck.

Google really f'g up my photo. Here's the TP-Link M3020 router, SanDisk 8GB USB stick and Anker 5V USB battery. Purchased from Amazon. Came in about two days.

Here's a video: Interview with David Darts about PirateBox...