Sunday, January 5, 2014

Coffeehouses on Mars part 4

Avalanches on North Polar Scarps, Mars Feb 19 / NASA/JPL-Caltech/U of Az
\\ In the back of a coffeehouse, southeast of the city. The three engineers gather, after leaving Mr. Watson at the machine shop.

“I’m not giving up the warrior concept. Its too good of an idea. We got the broadcast method figured out. Those character designs are incredible. The soundscapes those hippies came up with are so immersive, its just… I feel like it would be a waste. We can repurpose this part of the application for our own... underground project.” Eric was passionate, didn’t seem like he was open to dissuasion.

Terry, a slim stoic programmer was cautious, Yeah, not arguing with you, just how you gonna explain not following orders of from the town hall?

“I'm not going to tell them. We’ll start our own club for people who want to live up their existence with this game overlay. We can build an alternate broadcast system, an encrypted signal for our members. We could add some other story arcs to cover all the mundane things we do. Instead of taking a shower in recycled water, we could be bathing a waterfall. Instead of riding these bland printed hoover-boards, we see ourselves on horseback. This could revolutionize the way we live. We are offering more choices. Live the lives we want to live.”

Ok, yeah. I get it. Who do we tell about this, just the three of us know now.

\\ A third engineer, quietly sipping his black coffee. Nods, then sips some more.

“What does that nod mean Malcolm? This is serious. Are you with us or should we look elsewhere?”

Malcolm holds up a finger requesting a chance to speak uninterrupted.

“Sure go right ahead..”

This is gonna work, Malcolm said confidently, quietly. Its gonna work. The demos were great, but we need buy-in for a large group of people or we’ll get shutdown when we're discovered. And trust me, we will get discovered. You gotta remember, the observatory at Planum Boreum. They’re always scanning different frequencies for signals from Earth or other planets. They’ll pick up our broadcasts eventually. Will take them awhile to decipher, but… if we have a large enough following, it will be integrated in the society, will become part of the norm.

“Well said, then we have a quorum. We’ll have to message our closet friends about this and see how best to organize the project. Of course we’ll have to continue to work with Watson or he’ll get suspicious.” Eric leaves the two engineers to finish their drinks.

Malcolm speaks up, You really surprised me Terry. You are always so thoughtful, not like you to join something this scandalous so quickly.

“Yeah, I know. I just want some excitement. We’re stuck here you know. We living underground on this rusty planet. Don’t have the tech to live on the surface, don't have enough fuel to leave. Need a powerful distraction.”

What happen to that little soylent technician you were dating? The one from district three.

“We… I’m not seeing her anymore.”

My man, you done rebounded from a relationship into a conspiracy. Well done, Terry, well done.

\\ The two just people-watch from the back of the coffeehouse a while…