Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daddy and Daughter: the Mothership

Daddy, what are those sparkly wheels in the sky.

"What did they tell you in school?"

The teacher said they were spy satellites.

"We gotta get you out of Thompson's class."

"You're right. They are sparkly wheels. See, the Earth spins a thousand miles an hour, thats a lot of energy being expressed. These 'sparkly wheels' help capture that energy.

"These energy wheels are huge, as large as the moon, but have very little mass. They function like gears and touch the Earth just enough to spin, capturing the thousand mile an hour rotational energy.

"When I was young, this new power infrastructure was used to power homes, hospitals and emergency services only. Later it was expanded to power projects like water desalinization in the Middle East, climate control in Africa and destroying nuclear weapons in the West.

"No more paying for electricity. The wheel powered everything at no cost."

"Then scientists at Howard University in DC theorized that a series of wheels could be used to power space travel. It was dubbed the Mothership project.


"The Mothership works like this: create wheels for the inner planets in the solar system. Each wheel carries a charge. When at least four planets are aligned and the wheels engaged, they could function as a railgun for a spaceship. Noted science bloggers rallied the public to fund the Mothership project. They were successful. Energy wheels for Mercury, Venus and Mars were built two years ago.

"The interplanetary railgun and could fire a spaceship at above lightspeeds. The first flight is scheduled for next year.


"On the ship, along with the astronauts, there will be technology to create other wheels. The idea is to create a network of wheel jump points across the Milky Way. It's an exciting time to live in. You know..."

Zzzzzzz zzzzz...

"Oh you fell asleep, Pretty? Guess Daddy went into too much detail. So much has been achieved in our lifetimes. Sometimes I wonder, what is there left to dream about.."