Sunday, April 6, 2014

Time Machine

Daddy what's that noise.

"That's vinyl."

Seeing my little one bopping to Wes Montgomery's BUMPIN' album feels like Spring. In a world where Hip Hop is a minstrel show and pop music all sounds like... wait, I haven't listen to the radio in so long...

Wes Montgomery's Bumpin' album was recorded in 1965, yet this dub step teen can dig it. How fun it was to show her how to put the needle on the record.

It would be low hanging fruit to compare iTunes to my record player, but it's just a different sound, different experience. Every generation thinks it's youth was the golden era.

No comparison of iTunes and records here, both are time machines.

Wes Montgomery / Bumpin' album / Bumpin' / Verve records / recorded in May 1965