Friday, March 18, 2011

Confidence Game pt. 1

An old friend and I meet, swap stories with no females in them. It's like drinking tea with no sugar.

How pitiful are we, not because we don't have women; because we desire women and don't have them. We laugh at our self-imposed poverty. Dying of thirst by a river. Starving in a forest, bow in hand, too afraid to let arrows fly.

Feel like I've been in this twilight wood for years, waiting for Virgil. Guess I'm not ready.. the teacher hasn't come.

That of course is bullshit. My teachers are here: Mr. Trial and Ms. Error. I just don't want to study... (to be continued)

Photo: Ceylon tea taken w/ iPhone 3Gs, Lo-Mob app (Ho-Mob Reloaded filter) and exposure, contrast adjusted in PS Express app

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