Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Lover

Here we are negotiating, we're at that part of a relationship where the woman is feeling you out just before giving up the Aqua Door. "emotional abuse, that is a deal breaker.." She said listing things like lost of trust, that would end a boyfriend's career. Shouldn't this kind of negotiation be going on before we give up our votes and treasure?

What kind of deal breakers could we have? Any votes on government spending that prioritizes foreign aid or defense over domestic programs. Charity begins at home, Baby! Any legislation that reduces personal liberty in the name of security. Uncle Ben said "..They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Another deal breaker is the "company" a politician keeps. lists big financial donors of many candidates, which could be a predictor of the kinds of policies they'll support. For example, is the corporate donor paying their employees good wages, providing affordable healthcare? That could mean political support for a living wage and meaningful healthcare reform. Does this company has a good record on the environment? That could mean a stronger EPA. The idea here is to look for congruency. You can't tell me you support green energy and take money from BP; that is a deal breaker.

So, she didn't give me the ass until I promised not to be an ass-hole. We shouldn't give any party our support until we establish some political deal breakers. Also, checking out the company they keep will help us discern talking points from future policy.

Let's not give it up so easy this November. Remember Libya, remember Healthcare "Reform", remember Wisconsin, remember Citizens United v., remember Cash for Clunkers, remember extending Bush tax cuts, remember no bailouts for home owners.. then vote.

Photo: sketch of a girlfriend's torso from my 2003 journal taken with iPhone3Gs, Photoshop Express app (adjust contrast, exposure)