Saturday, September 28, 2013

Syria and My Paystub

The idea of America attacking Syria really bothering me, not just because we'd be interfering in yet another sovereign country. Not because it's illegal under to international law, but because of my paystub.

After taxes and healthcare deductions, I'm living off of sixty percentage on my wages. From that I have to pay rent, groceries, clothing, save for kids' college and my retirement. That a lot to ask of sixty percent.

What about the remining forty? Well forty percent is destined to attack Syria. That forty has to buy arms for the rebels, tomahawk missiles, ships, submarines, and drones. That's a lot to ask of forty percent.

In mid October the debt limit for the US government will be reached. The corporate owned media is already talking about it. The Congress and Whitehouse will get on camera and point fingers. Meantime government workers and contractors pine over the possibility of dipping into savings for groceries.

Democrats and Republicans effective at saving banks and bombing countries, but neither helps me or my family. Doesn't help Syrian families either. Tell your president and your rep in Congress don't bomb Syria. Keep govt open. Tell them if you cared about the Syrians you'd send food to the refugee camps, not bombs to Damascus.

This video interview gives a major reason why, after TWO YEARS OF CIVIL WARS, the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel want to bomb Syria. Of course it's about oil. It's an interview by Global Research TV of Pepe Escobar, a veteran foreign correspondent.