Thursday, October 3, 2013

GovtShutdown? Why really?

Watched the Senate live Monday night on my iPad. Watched as the clock ticked away. Kept waiting for a last minute cave-in by Obama. At 12:01AM, Harry Reid read a letter saying the government is closed bitches.. or something to that effect.

Republicans and the Democrats get their money from the same corporations. So their agenda is essentially the same, it's just that each party wants to be the ones serving you the Kool-Aid. Each party gets money from big pharma and the HMOs, so why choose this issue for their Shutdown Theater?

News reports say 800,000 people could be sent home. Possibly one million people asked to work without pay. Those numbers don't describe the resturaunts, food trucks, stores, building maintenance, contractors and family members affected. All that pain.. so what's the GOPs political calculation here? Don't they fear a backlash?

What's the real reason for the shutdown? Did China and Japan try to cash in on all the US treasusury notes they hold? Are they trying to provoke riots to impose marshal law? I just don't believe it's about the Affordable Care Act.

The video below is a debate on Affordable Care Act with an economist and a pediatrician, hosted by Baltimore based indie news outfit The Real News. You'll learn more about what's in the Act, then ask yourself, is this worth a shutdown of the government?

Obamacare Debate: Flowers vs. Baker from