Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shots Fired in Capital - Cops, A Woman and A Baby

Shooting near the Whitehouse is what I heard today. Turns out the Capital Hill cops were doing all the shooting at an unarmed woman in a car. She was apparently trying to drive into the Whitehouse or Congress or something.

In the video, the cops are trying to open the passenger door, surely they could see the baby in the car. They shoot anyway. The woman was unarmed! There was a baby in the car! Why didn't they just let her crash into the barriers, then try to apprehend her? You'd need an armored truck to get over the barriers around federal buildings nowadays, not that sports coupe she was driving.

This event seems suscipicous to me. Just as suspicious as the Navy Yard shooting a few weeks ago. My gut tells me the contractor who supposedly shoot up the place, was a pawn. First reports from the Navy Yard were of three gun men. Similar reports after the Aurora shooting at the theater.

Also suspicious was the training exercises happening today in DC, joint training with DoD and police. The link is below and here's a quote from the article on

...Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3, and is hosted by the Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region. It brings federal, state, local and municipal agencies together to realistically test interagency operability during a crisis impacting the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. It also trains and prepares the Department of Defense to provide defense support to civil authorities and employ appropriate force protection measures as requested...

Not saying the aforementioned events were staged or part of an conspiracy, but anything is possible. With all these perpetrators sharing histories of mental illness, I hope the Affordable Care Act offers therapists services for free.