Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Manager 3 - Book Thief

There an old saying about taking a page out of someone's book, to become more successful. As a new manager, there are a couple of books I'd like to rob.

One book is called, Living a Lifetime Every Weekend. There's this manager who always has a great stories to tell, seems he doesn't really think about work on his weekends or vacations and come in on Mondays ready to seize the day. For me, Sunday is Monday Eve. I gotta take a page out of Rocket Man's book.

There a book which is more like an address book, has tons of people in it, all friends, all with great stories. These friends, mostly girls, are sounding boards for difficult decisions regarding work. Women are generally smarter than men and this book is like a think tank. I mostly have guy friends and we all think the same way. I really need to take a page out of Officer Friendly's book.

One last tome. This book is full of green leaves, maybe a billion. It details the story of how a fortune was made and possibly some good things happened because of it. I'm sure some bad things happened (lessons learned), but maybe I could side steps those. There are a couple pages I'd like to take from this book, not because of their currency, but because of positive influence they could have on a generation. Would love a few pages from Big Pimp'n's book.

Of these are metaphors for people I've encountered in my professional life, hopefully I can learn from them, be a better me. People are books after all.