Monday, September 22, 2014

Lessons from Film

I have four disposable cameras on my desk. They're old, older than a few years. In technology speak, they are ancient. The convenience of going to the drugstore to get them processed is long gone. Even department stores phased out this service. Specialty shops are my only option.

There was a time when I took lots of pictures, at those times I wanted to remember things. That time is not now. Many of the things I'm experiencing, I don't want to relive in a photo.

We create so many of our own problems, stresses and hells. The most difficult thing is really learning from these experiences so we don't repeat. If I could capture that in a photo… if I could take a picture of me smiling and thinking "Glad I learned that lesson" that would be a photo worth saving.

A picture says a lot, so does my reflection in the mirror this morning. It says, I ate too much salt last night and I really am under tremendous stress. No photos please, but… if I had that other camera. The one that could take the "after" picture, where I learned from my mistake and everything worked out. I would carry that picture in my wallet forever.