Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Apple Time Machine

I got this time machine that's always late. It's not the machine's fault. I've just been lazy with maintenance.

The vibrations from time travel cause the control dials to slide backwards sometimes. A screwdriver could've fix that.

The monitor doesn't turn or swivel easily, so I can't see if there are palm trees or dinosaurs ahead. Some WD-40 knock that rust right out.

Duct tape could have saved the Titanic. My multiple-dimensional side-view mirror keeps falling off: catastrophies are closer than they appear.

What's the point of having a time machine that's always late? To impress the girls, the iPad is too expensive.

photo: caught multiple reflections off subway train window, while riding in train - taken w/ iPhone 3GS. Adjusted image contrast, saturation with PS Mobile app