Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Only a Ride

Why are politics and religion so divisive? Because they make us so insecure. Anytime a mental construct contradicts Nature, we become insecure. In Nature, diversity is a rule, multiple solutions are a principal and there is very little inter-species killing. Religion and politics forces us to violate all these. You can be talking to a person about family, the weather or love and have a beautiful vibe with them; bring up religion or politics and get stamped with a label "Oh, you're one of those types who think the government should take care of everybody, huh?"
What would religion be without Hell or the dogmatism that sends you there? What of politics? What if engineers resolved issues like speed limits and technicians worked on how resources get distributed? Why would we need Dems and GOPs? Seems like a pipe-dream, but so was the light bulb.

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid (tea)
The tumor taking over the GOP: this TeaParty, isn’t a new phenomenon. The Base* has always been there, they resisted the Emancipation, 40 acres and a mule, Civil Rights, Social Safety net programs and immigration from non-European countries. They’re against big Gov't, but pro big military and pro expansion of police powers. The same forces arrayed against you by a big gov't when it turns on you – smart huh?
These are basically some white people (and 6 Black people) who can be convinced to vote against their economic interests due to their faux-identification with the ruling elite. They can be tricked into voting for a W. Bush cause he's a rich "white boy", but his father, former CIA head and US President reps for the Saudi Arabian royal family... Arabs. It's not about money or culture, it's about ego and power aggregation.

That being said, who gives a damn, as long if your kids are healthy, your job or business is doing well and you gettin regular lovin. If you aren't, well… that's when the aberrant behavior creeps in - so someone goes "Postal" or "Jihadi", same thing. From my comfortable Western environ (for which I am very grateful), I vent about Palestine, Greece and Afghanistan. But there no war in my children’s eyes, no bombs in their ears and I can't help but be stilled and humble by this. My worst days on this planet are often washed away by laughter and I remember that this life - it's only a ride.
*Al Qaeda translates into "the Base" in english.