Sunday, May 23, 2010


Everybody was looking up, when I got outside. A UFO crashing into the sun. No, more like an eclipse being caused by the craft. It was several city blocks wide, shiny and had apparatus hanging underneath.

As the vehicle covered Sol, our hearts faultered. All this time, we considered ourselves powerful, even superior. Well, this round disk just burst our bubble.

Slowly it moved, until we could'nt see our original god. We became agnostics; for what do you call a power greater than your Truth? Slowly it moves from theology to velocity, the ship sped off to some unknown star.

We breathe again. There were hundreds of us on the street that afternoon. All bonded; a family of strangers with a story no one would believe. The saucer was gone, but we could never go home again.

photo: curved awning of building facing street light - taken with iPhone 3GS & Hipstamatic app