Friday, November 22, 2013

Billy Goat's Gruff

We've been here before. I am standing on yet another bridge, on a stratagem, a plan I've worked out. A plan that depends on others to plant flowers, to pull up weeds, to keep the walking paths below clear.

From my perch on the bridge, I see envious eyes below. They don't know that at the end of their overgrown path is a bridge. They can't see it because they are too busy staring at me, annoyed at my progress.

They think, maybe it's bias that got me on this bridge, maybe it's affirmative action. It's anything but "he worked hard, he's easy to work with, he advanced." They don't see it that way. But that "it's not my fault I don't advance mentality" doesn't turn off when you leave the workplace, does it? No, that troll follows you.

The "trip trap trip trap" you hear isn't immigrants or Blacks coming to take your jobs. It's that troll walking behind you. He justifies all the corners you cut, all the failures you didn't learn from. Then he generously gives away the opportunities you let slip between your fingers.

He sits with you while you gripe about management. He curses at people traveling over the bridge. He stares back from the mirror, when you ask at forty years of age "What the hell have I done with my life?"

The troll under the bridge is you, my friend.

Photo: this weary rose was taken with my trusty iPad Mini 1st gen and the on board camera app. Cropped with AfterLight app.