Monday, November 25, 2013

Library Card

 I had this dream. I was in a library built inside a song. The more I listened, the more books I found. These books were made of people, the leaves of the books were memories, the text were lyrics. Books of moments in my life with lessons I never learned.

The librarian said "What you don't know could fill up this world and another one." So this is the world I occupy - ignorance. The other worlds of mastery were left behind in my previous incarnations. I create new planets when I learned something that intriqued me in the beforelife. Something important enough to endure the trouble of being born.

Not just pleasure of the body, but something that will bring me closer to the whole. Something that will help me realize my completeness in this broken dream. That's the paradox, leave the whole to become a part just to remember I'm the whole. Rend Osiris into pieces and become Isis to reassemble.


photo: books taken with my iPad Mini on board camera app