Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffeehouses on Mars

The West was humbled. Earth was dying. Humanity needed to find out if Mars was habitable and they didn't have decades to wait. The supposedly underdeveloped countries had the answer. Medicine men, shamen and preists journeyed to Mars their way, with their minds. 

They communicated with their gods and gave the West data to plan a one year exploratory mission. The spiritual astronauts spoke to scientists from their trances, detailing suitable places to build colonies. Places out of reach of the NASA rovers.

Western engineers worked as the right-brain to build the designs of the left-brained medicine men. A ship was built that used music as fuel and traveled at one-half the speed of light. 

Three hundred couples journeyed to Mars on the Hendrix. Within a year of landing, they built an underground city. So much caffeine was consumed during this period, the place became known as Coffee City.

After one year, the three hundred sent the all clear signal. Evacuation of Earth began immediately. Within a decade, only animals, plants and the insane were left behind.

On the ten year anniversary of Coffee city, a mystic scientist was asked why we had to leave our home world. The elder answered "Earth is going through a cleaning period. She was concerned that humans would be exstinguished during this process, so she gently nudged us to leave."

Sarcastic laughter arose in the audience. "You call oxygen levels dropping, scarcity of clean water and freakish storms gentle?" said a disgruntled soul.

"Yes, that is gentle" replied the elder, "for a planet."  


photo: My Sony MDR V-6s and some vinyl. That green cable is plugged into the Aux port so I can play the mobiles through the speakers. Taken with my iPad Mini, first gen.