Friday, November 29, 2013

The Sensitive Husband

She was a cashier just getting off work when she was taken. I was waiting in a car half a block away. We were going to marry.

Six lights appeared in the sky above her. I thought it was a police drone since there was no sound. A purple light shone on her and she began to rise. I ran toward her, but she was gone in an instant with the ship. That was ten years ago...

A lot has transpired in ten years.

This embassy librarian isn't very helpful. Ever since the Earth joined the union of planets, humans have been able to discover the whereabouts of abductees in alien embassies like this. My fiancé is still missing. I've found no mention of her abduction amongst the Nibiru, the Xylanthians, even the reptiles from Thuban have no record of my Mara.

I worked very hard to get the kind of access needed to find my love. I've made sacrifices. I have even brokered illegal abductions, to be granted above security clearances to these aliens' files.

She would ashamed of what I'm doing, but these deals happen all the time. I might as well benefit from them. The irony is part of my job is investigating post-treaty abductions. I have become a devil, but since Mara was taken, I stopped believing in god.

Ahh, here's something, in the records of the people on Juno. This translates to the same date and time as Mara's abduction. It mentions a human female was taken for breeding. Oh, this is bad.

The Junoians are the only species in our solar system that can mate with humans. They are humaniod, but can self-fertilize. Hundreds of years ago they've taken to kidnapping Earth women to procreate, instead of using their more solitary method. It's become a rite of passage on Juno to take an Earth woman as a wife.

I finally found Mara on a farm on Juno. She had been made a wife of this tall hairy Junoian named Scratch. When I entered their residence, I saw her surrounded by these funny looking children. She didn't recognizeqq me at first. The husband, greeted me in Swahili, an Earth language easy for aliens to learn.

I told them my story of looking for Mara these ten long years, Mara and her husband wept bitterly. These Junoians are more sensitive than Earth males; human females found them more attentive husbands.

Mara said thorough her tears that she is a different woman now and the little cashier I knew was gone. She is Junoian, a mother and a wife. There was nothing for me here. The husband hugged me with tears in his three eyes as I left for my ship.

Now I believe in god, he just has a terrible sense of humor.


photo: up escalator taken with my trusty iPhone 4S and it's on board camera app.