Saturday, November 30, 2013

the Specialist

There's a faction in the Martian community that wants to bring back hierarchy. Not satisfied with hard work and progress, they want to control people. My mother says these men didn't get hugs when they were babies. Now we could all suffer for it.

I overheard this forty-ish guy talking to a group of teens, trying to inject discontent. That's hard to do around here. All our work is voluntary, every service or product is available without charge. It is known that these.. 'gentlemen' don't always contribute the full three hours a day to the community works. Instead they spend their time recruiting others to join their loitering.

Their rhetoric goes like this: "Aren't you tired of the town hall meetings cutting into your leisure? Of coarse you are, I specialize in politics, let me represent you in those meeting. Tell me what you want and I'll get it done. Stay at home longer and still get all the services you're used to. Work less and get all the products you're used to. Let me represent your interests and together, we' ll make this place paradise!"

This place is already paradise, a WORKERS' paradise. But as Don Juan said "a picture gallery is a dull place for a blind man." There is discontentment inside these folks. We have farmers, engineers, artists, philosophers, but no psychiatrists. Maybe if they could heal themselves, they could start the new specialty.


Photo: my sink taken with iPhone 4S and it's on board camera app.